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Colon hydrotherapy is A form of detoxification, by gently rinsing the colon with warm water. The safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon is made via the rectum. Removing encrusted toxic waste, gas and mucus from the intestinal tract allows vital nutrients to be more easily absorbed, which can lead to A healthier, more rejuvenated feeling.


A vital organ, most often neglected, a healthy well-functioning bowel is essential for the maintenance of optimal health. Also known as A 'colonic', this treatment can further help revive the colon, boosting function, tone and shape. No chemicals or medication are involved, and the entire therapy is conducted in a relaxing and effective manner.

benefits include:

  • Improves Digestion and Prevents Occasional Constipation

  • Increases Energy and Concentration

  • Jumpstarts Weight Loss

  • Supports Overall Colon Health

  • Encourages Whole Body Detox

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Alkalizes the body

  • Promotes a clearer & brighter skin complexion

  • Hydrates the body

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